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“Anomaly Nick” Aubrey


I‘m an actuary by trade and whist I have worked in the Financial Services industry for most of my career, seeking out betting anomalies is my passion. I have been a keen punter since Adam was a boy and whilst at university I worked as a part-time penciller at the Sydney races so as to learn first-hand what the bookmaking profession was all about. My mother was shocked with my obsession but my dad said “never back odds-on and never run up steps”. I never listen to my dad anyway 🙂

Over the years I have worked with a number of well- known bookies and have listened to the stories of many a racing raconteur (my favourite was the author, Frank Hardy). Such associations invariably uncovered interesting anomalies and so today I am still on the look-out for any new anomalies !

You can contact me at or visit my website for further information and hopefully gain some insights into the weird and wonderful world of anomalies !


  1. jonah stiffhausen says:

    My old man said much the same thing. He also said, “never run after trams or women because there’s always another one coming”.

  2. anomalynick says:

    Another quote, this time from my uncle (who as a prolific racehorse owner and raced the great front running stayer, Scotch and Dry in the 1970’s) was “good horse, good jockey, small field, good bet … good horse, good jockey, big field , better bet”

  3. jonah stiffhausen says:

    Have you ever researched statistically whether there is any credence to it? Used to hear much the same thing. “the bigger the field, the bigger the certainty” – a desperate punting mate.

  4. anomalynick says:

    No Jonah I haven’t … but you know what … I will do it and report back !

  5. anomalynick says:

    Hi Jonah I have justed posted an article as described above.

  6. jonah says:

    Mmm. Very interesting thanks Nick. It appears the old timers knew of what they spoke.

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